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Godazed csgo betting

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Some of these items have an incredibly high value on the Steam Community Market and elsewhere due to their rarity. Valve have been digging into the accounts of the accused players and intermediaries to look at the items won in the bets — CSGO Lounge connects to your Steam account so it can access your items and inventory — and state:.

You can see the whole match below but if you're looking for "too obvious" head to 11 minutes and watch Steel refuse to take a double kill. It hasn't been a good few months for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene. On the high-profile side of things Fnatic dropped out of the Dreamhack CSGO tournament quarterfinals after rivals LDLC filed a complaint about the use of boosting , but not before filing a complaint of their own. That was the same tournament the teams Titan and Epsilon were disqualified from after a wave of bans from Valve's Anti-Cheat system hit several pro-players.

Cheating and match-fixing are slightly different, although the behaviours involved may overlap considerably. Cheating is about advantaging yourself in the contest usually by committing rule violations. Match-fixing is about gaining an advantage outside the contest — usually financial — by altering your behaviour to get a particular result.

Both undermine trust in the competition and have a huge impact on how an eSport is perceived. Bans are one way of dealing with the problem and help demonstrate a zero-tolerance attitude towards players who cheat or match-fix. But when the issue came up on the Dota 2 scene it also pointed to problems with the financial rewards of eSports. In other words everyone who has ever thrown a match has had a hand in that.

Every team that threw deserves the misfortune dazed has. Let's not pretend they're any less guilty. Non of those things are an excuse for that vid. He hasn't even the balls to admit it was faked. He's a scumbag and not a very intelligent one at that.

He just doesn't understand why unfairly taking money from the scene he is part of isn't ok. What part of me saying Dazed fucked his life up made you think I was making excuses for him or any video he has ever made? Dazed could have easily just keep betting green until he hit saying the same shit over and over. It's a promotional video for a gambling site essentially. Those sites basically give content creators a deep pocket on their site and say bet until you win big let us know if you need more to bet with.

Whether it was or not we don't know, we can think we know. But in the end we don't. The only way he has taken money from the scene is the game he threw and he has apologized profusely for that. So I'm not sure I understand what you are getting at here. Him posting on social media that he is taking it down for obvious reasons, to me, can be interpreted as an admission of guilt. Ruined his life? Sure, it ruined his competitive CS life but generally he's not doing anywhere near as bad as you have it thought out in your head.

He's said multiple times in the past that he enjoys streaming a lot more than he enjoyed playing competitive CS, plus he obviously makes a lot of money doing it. Sure, in the recent months I think he's focused way more on cryptocurrency and gambling sites and I don't know why, but I don't see how you can link getting banned 3 years ago when at least 2,5 of them he's actually been a pretty valuable member of the community and doing quite well overall.

I think getting banned was great for Dazed. When given the opportunity now he just raged and failed. Now we see what kind of player he is and he's relegated to trying to make money from the ever popular "scamming money from kids" market.

If he weren't unbanned he may have still been seen as successful. I'm genuinely curious. Are there people who really want to watch gambling over other content? Gambling to me has very little "gameplay" so I don't really see the value in it. But why do kids want to see that? When I was a kid I just wanted to see skateboarders and titties, I didn't want to watch some guy pretend to get lucky gambling.

Kids consume a vast amount of content online compared to what I used to in the same age. Those 30 minutes of Fresh Prince I watched after school can be replaced by a lot of youtube videos. They watch a gambling video for the funny reactions and whatever shows up on trending. Hence all that useless shit on YouTube trending cause kids get drawn to clickbait and thumbnails. Logan Paul has 16M youtube subs, people don't realize the amount of year olds on the internet.

If you look at his videos on his channel you can see the premise of his tweet doesn't hold true for his youtube channel. Don't you remember back when they were banned and he made those Rank S videos and Analytical content? Wish we could go back to those days. Poker and roulette are two totally different things with Poker requiring actual skill and roulette being pure luck. That too, basically it's like watching poker where every second hand one person gets pocket aces There's quite a big difference between the two.

Poker is a game of skill, but these csgo gambling videos are just pure chance with no skill involved. You really shouldn't compare poker to this shit. I just said it as they're both gambling, as somebody said it's more like roulette, and I don't think anybody watches roulette.

Honestly for me that tweet makes it even worse. Own up, admit and do something to right the wrong. Nope, sloppy half apology text, even worse excuse and knowingly continue doing what caused the issue. Fuck this guy. Unsub, unfollow. So done with this guy. Was looking forward to seeing him play again but he was the biggest disappointment in na cs.

He didn't enjoy it. Can't fault someone for not wanting to grind and grind and put a ton of time into something they're not enjoying. I mean Idk what to tell you. I didn't say you had to feel bad for him. But it makes sense to me. Sometimes things don't go how you think they will. Got caught with a rigged gambling video, didn't disclose he was partnered with the site either. Holy shit. DaZeD should just be banned from this sub.

How can he be dumb enough to do this shit I'm a loyal, honest subscriber of ya boi GODazed and I can honestly say I provide quality substance to this sub! Honestly he'll always be relevant. The throw is still the most discussed scandal in csgo history.

It's kind of ingenious that the event that ruined his Pro career is also the one keeping the rest of his career alive. Stupid people everywhere. Dazed doesn't care about anyone but himself. He will make more gambling videos when another site pays him to promote. Who cares. Then again, this is the early stage it might just die down and everyone seemingly loves dazed again. I think it's because dazed did something terrible and then earned the forgiveness of a huge portion of the community, and he's sort of spitting on that forgiveness with this bullshit.

Moe was always scummy, stayed scummy and never earned any forgiveness, so He's just Moe doing Moe. Yeah, no. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice Gambling videos are so low-effort and low-quality. Not sure why they bring in so many views. He still has a great mind for the game even if he doesn't want to spend time grinding to be a good player, so he can definitely make some good content. Be sure to use the report function on Twitch and await judgement, don't let him escape his channel at least being reviewed by Twitch after this desperate move on his part.

Ok, how the hell does gambling even get that many views? I mean you're just watching some guy bet away all his skins, which you probably can't even afford after saving up for a few months, then you either see him win, and realise you just witnessed someone richer than you get even richer, or see him lose and realise that it's not gonna cost him anything anyway.

None of this is related to you, and it's not like there's anything interesting about it other than bad jokes, unlike actual gameplay where you could learn a thing or two or if they're not playing serious can be some good fun. He's a cheating lying fuck. There's no space for him in csgo scene post that fire serpent to dragon lore video. Once more for good measure. Good, I hope it's more indepth. Videos he used to put out like "How to run a CT side setup" was the content I subbed for, not this low effort gambling shit.

I unsubbed over the recent nonsense, but if he actually does put out decent analytical content I'm willing to resub. Not because I really like him or anything, but I think he has potentially valuable input and I'm interested in that kind of content. As happy as i am to finally see the hivemind turn against this scumfuck, its amazing how quickly 1 video changed everyones viewpoint, y'all realise the mother fuckers done worse before right?

Such hypocritical sheeple. I accidentally made a bet on green Is the bet for the luls as well? Other youtubers have been doing this since forever, and no one bats an eye. Selective outrage as usual coming from this subreddit. Summit used to do this stuff all the time and no one said shit. In summer all the streamers were gambling as much as playing on twitch before the anti-gambling rule came in.

Although the all caps title still triggers me. Those Reddit witch hunt threads were BS, the hypocrisy of that sub is sickening. Been looking forward to them for a while. The moral grandstanding on this thread is hilarious. Should we just re-ban DaZeD? He's not reddit's favorite player anymore so who cares what happens to him lol amiright. Atleast he basically said sorry and focuses on the things that he should have been focusing on I guess.

Just like when he was gonna go back to competitive CS because we all know how long that lasted for